Background of
Sensei Wendi Barker

*  Certified 5th Degree
Black Belt in Uechi Ryu
* Certified Uechi Ryu
Instructor and member of
the IUKF
*Certified Uechi Ryu
Instructor of the The Uechi
Ryu Karate Association of  
Hong Kong
* 2009 Received the 'Ruby
Award" by the Soroptomist
for her work in helping the
lives of woman.
*Sensei was honored with
the title of "Hometown
Hero" by the Whidbey
Record Newspaper in
December 2007
*Certified Personal Trainer
with the National Council
of Strength and Fitness.
*CPR Certified
* Member of IUKF Dragon
Fitness Team
*Active member of
(National Association of
Professional Martial Artist)
* Former tournament
competitor - Placing in the
top 3 of every event entered
at the Uechi Ryu World
championships from
Placing 1st in Black belt
woman's forms at the Nov
2004 NH nationals and
2nd in black belt fighting.
Mission Statement:

We will guide each student  in the martial arts on their way to Black Belt
Excellence by teaching them to lead by example, to empower them with
self confidence, self discipline and the self control to reach their
potential and become the success they were born to be.
Testimonials - 2004

"Ms. Barker's classes are filled with high expectations for focus,
skill and fun.  She has an amazing ability to create high energy in
her students while maintaining focus and control at all times.
Because some of these students have been in my classrooms, I
often hear comments about how Ms. Barker's teachings inspire
them to a higher expectation of themselves in school, at home,
with their life.  She teaches them to reach for the stars.  
She makes them believe in themselves.  My own son holds his
head high; as confident and strong minded as any first grader I
have known.  I credit Ms. Barker for this and thank her for all she
has done."

Heidi Cadwell
Teacher and Parent

"Wendi Barker has been my son's karate instructor for 18
months.  During this time I have witnessed her extraordinary
talents as a coach, mentor and leader.  Wendi's commitment to
my son and her skill as an instructor have resulted in his love for
the martial arts and in visible improvements in his discipline,
behavior and schoolwork.  I know that hundreds of other parents
are equally satisfied with her work and grateful for her dedication.

As an Army officer, I can testify that Wendi is a gifted trainer who
commands the skills necessary to instill discipline while
imaginatively and successfully teaching the martial arts.  As a
father, I can confirm that Wendi is a positive role model and a
devoted teacher who is loved by her studetns."

Scott C. Dullea
Major, US Army

"Ms. Barker is an incredibly positive, upbeat person.  The classes
she taught were not only instructional, but were energized and
fun.  She had an excellent balance of karate technique instruction
and character education.  Her comments to children were positive
and encouraging.  She is one of those people who have a natural
ability to put a positive perspective on any situation.

My youngest son would practice and when he achieved a goal,
would seek Ms. Barker out to show her.  She always made the
time to watch or listen, and always had a positive word for him.  
He was genuinely saddened to hear she would be leaving our
dojo and moving so far away.

Motivation was also a strong point for Ms. Barker when dealing
with older children.  She ran the S.T.O.R.M. (Special Team of Role
Models), a group of higher-ranked students who assisted in the
lower ranked, younger children's classes.  My twelve-year old
enjoyed being a member of that team for a few years before Ms.
Barker assumed responsibility.  However, after she took over, his
motivation for the S.T.O.R.M. team remarkably increased.  She
sent newsletters informing them of their weekly roles, offered tips,
and encouraged their participation in the classes.  My son felt like
he was a very important part of the classes.   He had more
responsibility and took it more seriously.

She told me she plans to continue working with children in the
martial arts.  The children she works with will be lucky ones
indeed.  I wish her much luck in her future and thank her for the
role she played in the lives of my children.

Sue Skelly
Sensei Wendi Barker is remarkable with children!  Her
ability to weave Karate with values, fun, and exercise is
amazing.  Wendi teaches the kids self respect, and
respect for others, which in turn increases there self
esteem and self confidence.  As a parent I always enjoy
watching the class!  It is great to watch the children enjoy
themselves!  The energy created in the class is great!  No
one ever wants to leave when it is over... Everyone just
lingers in the joy and energy .. .  I am one of Wendi's
biggest fans.   I highly recommend this class!
Elise - parent
"After just five months of study I feel more fit and
self-confident than ever before--and it shows. At the age of
58 I can honestly say that it's never too late to begin!"

Carole Hansen - Student
Wendi Barker is such a dynamic instructor we recommend her classes to
people all the time. It is not only karate she teaches, but simultaneously she
teaches community, family, and personal development. She is wonderful with
the kids.
Doug and Linda McKee - Parents
We would like to thank you Wendi for the truly outstanding
influence you have contributed to the lives of P.J. and Aubrey.  
What a gift you are to our community!  When I originally enrolled
P.J. and Aubrey in the afterschool program I was not sure what to
expect from your Karate instruction.  At this point the kids have
been promoted to yellow belts and what a great beginning  to
their journey this has been.  The benefits of your Karate instruction
range from physical conditioning, character building, achieving
goals, focus/discipline, and just great fun to name a few things.  
The monthly themes are wonderful assets which  are supported by
discussions at home and family involvement as a whole.  The kids
love to share their knowledge about new skills learned and
information obtained from mat discussions.  We are looking
forward to the next leg of their journey as they begin working
toward their orange belts.  The road may have challenges, but
they are not afraid to face bumps in the road and work to
overcome a little adversity.  As they progress with each
promotion I have seen an incredible increase in their self-esteem
and overall fitness.  Thank you for providing such a positive
atmosphere for the kids to continue to learn and grow.   Thank
you Wendi for being such an incredible role model to our kids and
an asset to our community.

David and Kara Martin - Parents